Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Pro Tips for Pugging

There are a lot of reasons to pug dungeons and raids these days, and with the group finder or a site like Open Raid, it's never been easier to get an invite. But then what? It's a fact that over half the internet is made up of horrible people who will judge you. You can get kicked from a pug for no good reason these days. Fear not. The following list of tips will separate you from the average or terrible pug hunter, and if you follow them all I guarantee the shortest and smoothest pug experience of your life.

  • The first thing people will see about you other than your class is your name. Show them you know hunters by borrowing the name of a famous one. I'm talking your Leggolas, Katnissss, Robnhoood types. ASCII characters and paid name change are your friends here.
  • Summon your biggest, loudest pet. You want your presence known right away. I usually go for a gorilla with Thunderstomp on autocast.
  • FACT: People love trains. Get yourself the Toy Train Set and begin using it as soon as you zone in.
  • Ask everyone in the group if they want to pet battle. Chances are good that's why they are in there.
  • People will inspect you. Stack intellect as high as possible so people will know you're smart! I pop a int potion any time I see a group member has me targeted just to be safe. An int flask goes without saying.
  • People want to get pugs done fast, and you have a ton of tools to help push the group along. Make surer Aspect of the Pack is ON. I used to always turn it off when I would see "PACK OFF!" in chat, but that's just people using the command to switch their backpack for a larger bag. So keep the Aspect on regardless of what you see in chat.
  • Another way to keep pushing the group forward is the clever use of knockbacks. Use Powershot on cooldown, and make sure you have Explosive Trap is glyphed. Just keep knocking mobs out of the tank's range and the group will keep chugging forward chasing them.
  • Especially in 5-man dungeons, the slowest part of the experience is waiting for healers to regen mana between fights. Mana regeneration is based on threat, so if you see a healer asking for time or sitting there drinking, the polite thing to do is Misdirect as many mobs as possible onto them. Don't forget Barrage for this! I guarantee using this trick will get you out of that dungeon quickly.
  • Trinkets and their procs are really unpredictable. Do NOT equip them. And get that scope off of your gun while you're at it.
  • Since the beginning of WoW people have gotten jealous of legendary items. Make sure you don't have evidence of the legendary ring quest line equipped. It will just upset people.
  • The one thing that every class and player in WoW struggles with is bag space. If you want to really be courteous get yourself assigned master looter and just loot everything yourself, regardless of what it is. People will love the extra bag space. I guarantee you will get whispers!
  • If you're not linking Recount reports after every pull, why are you even there? How will the group know how amazing you are?
  • Speaking of that, make sure you have macros or addons to let the group know EVERY TIME you cast Aspect of the Fox, Tranq Shot, Distracting Shot, Misdirect, Murder of Crows, Counter Shot, and Mend Pet.
  • It shouldn't be often, but threat happens. If you do pull threat, Disengage and Feign Death immediately. You want to get as far from the tank as possible. It's called manners.
  • Some bosses require the group to stack in melee range to share damage and heals. Obviously you want to be using a melee weapon when you're up close. Make a macro to quickly swap out your gun. You won't believe what that does to your damage numbers. 
  • FACT: People love selfies even more than trains. Let everybody know you need some time before each boss pull to compose the perfect S.E.L.F.I.E. Take your time with this. If you need to dial your settings up to ultra and then back down again, so be it. People may grumble a little-until you ask to get get everyone's email address so you can share these amazing selfies. And if you need extra time to Tweet them out, take it!

If you follow these tips, I can basically guarantee you will be out of that dungeon or raid really fast. Share your success stories in the comments! And have an amazing April;)

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