Monday, April 6, 2015

Extreme PvP

Blizzard got me thinking. A week or two ago one of the PvP designers asked the community why people play Heroes of the Storm but not World of Warcraft PvP. The common answers were unsurprising to anyone who has tried to get into PvP: gear is a barrier to entry, way too many abilities, etc. The community painted a pretty clear picture that the HotS experience, made from the ground up as a competitive PvP game is far superior to WoW PvP, which was essentially an afterthought for a game designed as an RPG (I'll try to never ever put that many acronyms in a single sentence again).
So with HotS and Overwatch both on the horizon, not to mention all the mobas from other companies out there, what should Blizzard do with WoW PvP?

Kill it.

You heard me.

At 10 years old, it is time for bold decisions regarding World of Warcraft and I say it's time for PvP to be done. I am so tired of abilities being changed in PvE to balance PvP and I have to assume serious PvP players feel the same when the opposite occurs. And I really have to wonder how many serious PvP players are left in WoW when it seems the whole world is playing LoL and Hearthstone for competition. I say it's time to draw a thick, clear line in the sand regarding which games are going to be supported for PvP (HotS and Overwatch) and which are not. If people want to do world PvP or duel, that's fine. But it's time to get rid of BGs, Arenas, PvP gear, and any sort of ranking system. Don't get me wrong, I love the occasional BG. World PvP can be a blast at times. But I think for the health of all of Blizzard's involved games, it is time to make WoW a purely PvE experience. At least in terms of content and balance.
This would obviously upset a lot of people. Bold, meaningful decisions always do. Maybe Blizzard could define the "serious" PvP players in WoW (total HKs, above rank X, wins in rated battles) and give those people a free copy of HotS or a special skin that nobody else has or early beta access to Overwatch. Something to placate the folks who will be most affected by this. I know when HotS and Overwatch are both out I won't be doing my PvP in WoW anymore. I doubt I am in the minority. Let's kill PvP for the good of the game as a whole.

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