Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm a Damn Space Goat

My guild decided to rejoin the Alliance after spending the last few months trying out the Horde.  I was happy to go back to Allies, but I ended-up doing something totally unexpected: I made my hunter a Draenei.  I don't like the way they look or talk, and I'm positive they smell bad.  I'm not a jewelcrafter and can barely find my way around the Exodar.  I don't own any crystals and have never seen empirical evidence that they can heal me.  I chose Space Goat for one reason-the extra 1% to hit.  
Right now, that bonus is useless to me.  I'm actually over the hit cap a bit, but a little after work reforging will fix that.  When it comes to melting bosses at level 85, I predict that the hit bonus I have will be huge.  

See, in Cataclysm there is no single hit cap.  There is a cap for each raid tier, obviously getting higher as you progress.  In other words, you're gonna need more hit rating for tier 12 than for 11.  To be hit capped on Deathwing, we're all gonna need a crap ton of hit rating so this seemed like a better choice than the other Alliance racial bonuses.  Shadowmeld is similar enough to Camouflage for PvP.  I thought a lot about being a Dwarf again, but the 1% crit only applies to a third of our weapon options.  I'll reap the benefit of my hit bonus regardless of what I'm using, and it will hopefully give me just a little more flexibility with regard to gems and enchants.  It's really too bad the bonus won't apply to my guildies anymore, since we all need to chase these new tiered hit caps.

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