Monday, October 11, 2010

Patch Day!

Ok, tomorrow we switch to focus!  Actually, a lot more than that is changing, but it's hard to get past the whole focus thing.  Here's the SV build I'm gonna try out first.  I make no claims as to DPS, focus regen, or anything really.  I have not been in beta or on the ptr.  My thinking behind this build is:
1. I want all the CC I can get (even though I might not really need it until December, practice is good.  It's been years since I got my chain-trap on).
2.  I want to try and compensate for the AoE loss due to the death of Volley.  Yeah, go shoot-off your last Volley.  Like now.  I only went for one point in Serpent Spread.  When was the last time you saw trash live for nine seconds?
3.  I want all the focus savers I can get.  This is to get used to the system as a whole and compensate for not having Cobra Shot until level 81.  See, the whole system is balanced around SV hunters weaving Cobra Shots in to regain focus and refresh Serpent Sting.  Tomorrow we'll be able to regen focus with Steady Shot, but each Serpent Sting refresh will cost focus.  It could be tough until we get Cobra at 81.
I threw my extra points into DPS increasers.  Who cares right now?  The testing is just beginning and we're all OP for the current content anyway.  Go have fun out there before you're gettign owned in the level 85 heroics.
Make sure you hit up the hunter trainer too.  We have a few new things to get, such as Mastery.
Next up on the agenda for me tomorrow is a bunch of taming.  My stable is full right now, but tomorrow I get a bunch of new slots.  Here's a great rundown of what the raiding hunter will want to have tamed.  You should go ahead and add that blog to your reader.  Trust me.
Then I'm gonna reforge some gear and add Mastery to it.  I just gotta play with that stat a bit.
You can also buy a bunch of glyphs and the dust for changing them.  That isn't really high on my list and I'm trying to get a guildie to hook me up.
I doubt there will be any theorycrafting tomorrow, but it's on the way.  They actually found a way to improve Explosive Shots-they finally made the arrows free:)

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