Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I was only able to stay awake for about an hour by the time I got patched last night so I can't report much.  I hit the target dummy for a few chaotic "rotations," but everyone on my server was doing the same thing so there was no good data to be gotten from it.  I didn't see the huge drop in DPS that armor pen MM guys are seeing, which kinda makes sense.  I am way too used to the old GCD, and getting used to one second is going to take some time for me.  My DJ mental metronome is currently off.

There are lots of reports of a bigger hit cap. Some are saying we want 246 hit rating right now.  I'll try to confirm this asap, but keep it in mind as you gem and reforge!

I need to clock a lot more play time this weekend before I'll have anything else to report.  I can't seem to summon all four of my pets right now, so that's my first bug priority.

Last thing: Everyone relax.  This is my third expansion, and this is a normal situation.  Class balances will be off for a while, maybe until December.  Bugs will need to be chased.  You can predict what you want about balance at 85, Blizz, or whatever, but we just don't know.  It was only 2 years ago that we all wondered what the hell Armor Pen is, right?  Nobody, including the devs, predicted what would happen with the ArP scaling, right?  We are in uncharted territory, but we have good company.  The devs and the hunter community will sort it all out.  Find a way to have fun, or save yourself some money every month.  It will get better.
Except maybe Multi-Shot.

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