Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The last year in gold

A lot of my WoW friends laugh when I tell them I keep an Excel sheet going of my gold totals. It is a little sill, but I do it for two reasons. First off, that's just how geeky I roll. I love a good data set. It also helps me see how the various professions I'm using (LW, Enchanting, JC, and Alchemy) are doing individually (I started this before I discovered the wonder that is TSM Accounting). Today I decided to look at a simple plot of total gold across my two main characters for about the last year.

From a gold making point of view, it doesn't tell us much we didn't already know. Patches that have a new raid are gold rushes. I knew my profits were good after 5.2, but I was a little surprised at that slope. It did coincide with my main jewelcrafting rival either quitting or transferring, but man, those weeks were sweet. I expect the same or more demand when 5.4 drops, which is why you can see the beginning of my stockpiling at the far right end of the graph. If you need some gold, get your mats for anything that upgrades gear NOW. There is a new raid. It has a shit load of bosses. Most importantly, there will be FOUR different versions of said raid. Gems, armor kits, belt buckles, spellthreads, and enchants will be flying out of the AH for a while. If you've never had the gold you've wanted, 5.4 will probably be your best chance for the next year or so.

For myself, this simple graph became more of a timeline of what I've been doing, which is why I dropped my awesome MacPaint skills on you all. Boy did I pay a lot for my Darkmoon trinket when MoP came out! I did use it all the way until ToT, however, and purchases like that are why I do the gold thing anyway. Same with the Jeweled Onyx Panther. Good thing I still like riding it. I was way into Voltron as a kid:) The huge plummet when I had to server transfer is still pissing me off, and there is post about transfers and my experience on the way. Short anser-50k per toon is not nearly enough for today's level of inflation. More on that subject in a future post.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. That is awsome. :) I keep spreadsheets for just about everything, so I won't hold it against you.

    A couple of months ago I spread all my gold evenly among my 11 characters on my main realm. Each character got responsibility for one part of AH, and it was really interesting seeing how it developed. My Death Knight who was responsible for the Living Steel-part of my "shop" was far richer than the others after a month. :)

    Good tip on 5.4, I will follow it!