Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The big SV change in 5.4

Just a quick post about the one big change for Survival hunters in 5.4 (which is 2 weeks from today). Explosive Trap and Black Arrow are no longer on a shared cooldown. I've personally been asking for this for a while. It just never made a lot of sense to me, and it was occasionally frustrating. The trade-off is that Explosive Trap will no longer trigger Lock and Load, and it does less damage. For years, many of us have been using ET on single target fights just to trigger L&L and do some damage at the same time. This will no longer be an option. If you're doing a single target rotation, just ditch ET and use Black Arrow on cooldown. Between this change and the loss of Readiness, we're down 2 buttons, which is a good start in my opinion.

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