Monday, October 4, 2010

The Manifesto

Another hunter blog?  Seriously? ANOTHER one?
Seriously.  Why you ask?  Well, I keep finding that I've got hunter stuff to say.  Sometimes I may ramble.  In these chaotic times of new trees, focus, and impending doom from below I may even rant once or twice.  I'll try not to.
I've been SV since Vanilla.  I used to put so many points in the SV tree that a guildie once called me "lol survival."  Seriously, that was one fucked-up spec.  Hey I was new:)
The point is I have been and always will be a Survival hunter.  There was a SHORT dark period where I did the BC BM button mash to keep my raid spot. Let us never speak of it again.
Back in the vanilla days people said SV was stupid and not viable for raiding.  Love going out to my BM homies-you guys have had a tough two years. I called BS on that and did my best to melt some faces, with mixed results.  When I ate some fail it wasn't because I was SV, it was because I'm a mediocre WoW player.
Whatever I may lack in uber I compensate for with zeal.  I love WoW, hunters, and SV.  I'll try to use this blog, and any other appropriate venue, to celebrate and defend the SV spec.  Why SV?  Our bullets EXPLODE.

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