Monday, October 4, 2010

64 Days

So, we got the big news this morning that we have a release date.  I figured I'd run down what I'm doing with the time left.

I've been enjoying some extreme soloing in ZG and MC to finish-off some reputations.  ZG has a much higher priority since it's going away.  As a troll I'd love to have the whole hunter set from there.  Mandikor's Sting was my very first epic ever.

Clearing-out the bank.  Gold is always valuable and I sure won't need mana pots anymore.

Filling-up the bank.  Stacks of fish feast mats, for example.  I should be able to skill-up 10 points right out of the gate AND use the end product!

Pets...This should really be it's own post but what the hell.  I'm gonna have to level a handful of pets for the various raid buffs they provide.  Overall, I'm pretty excited about the new pet system but I do have a few sour grapes about the implementation.  Why did wasps not keep their armor debuff?  Hey Blizz, no need to reinvent the wheel ok?  The armor debuff was GTG, and now I have a level 80 pet that's weak for PvE and the need to level a raptor up to get a buff I already had!  So, gotta get a raptor.  Like every other hunter in the world I have a wolf, so my crit buff is covered.  I'll grab a ravager for the increased physical damage buff as well.  I'm glad I can bring so many buffs to the group, but none of these pets are getting me excited.  The guy I'm really curious and excited about is....the wind serpent.
That's right, the wind serpent.  The wind serpent's buff increases magical damage.  You know, things like explosive shot, serpent sting, and black arrow.  I have a hunch that this will be the new wolf for SV hunters.  Not in the sense that we will all have one, but in that it may be the best pet to increase personal DPS.  Combine the increase to magic damage with our mastery and now we're straight blowin' stuff up!  In theory anyway. You can also get the magic buff from the dragonhawk family, if you're into the whole Drenei look.


  1. I'm glad I wasn't the only one to think of this. In fact, I already grabbed a Wind Serpent from Zul'Drak. It will be interesting to see Wind Serpent's Magic DMG boost vs Cat's AP boost, for SV Hunters.

    Stonemaul US

  2. Indeed. I plan to do some testing on this at some point soon. Probably this weekend.