Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Pleasant Surprises

This is the first in what will (hopefully) be a series of positive posts. While it's understandable all things considered, I don't think I've ever seen the WoW community so negative. About a bunch of different stuff. Anyway, I think a few posts with a positive vibe are in order.

Today I'm writing about a few parts of the game that have become pleasant surprises for me. Things I like, or do, more than I thought I would.

Beast Mastery: For a guy who has "survival" in his blog's title, I play a shit ton of beast mastery these days. I like the pets (finally tamed Gara this week) and the play style. I used to dismiss BM as just a spec with one overpowered dot. The current iteration of BM is incredibly fun for me. It is an excellent balance of easy and skill. As long as I manage my pet appropriately, my dps will be ok. But BM adds just enough RNG and buff stacking to be really interesting. I love how Focus Fire works these days so much that I'm glad they adjusted the set bonus so it won't just always be up. Way more fun in it's current version. I'm so all in on BM that I recently changed all my enchants to mastery. My pet does a lot of damage. And Beast Cleave on Kromog? Super fun.

Pet Battles: When pet battles were announced I said, "Neat. I'll never do that. Ever." Then I did a few just to get some easy achievement points. Then I did a PvP battle to see what that was like. Then I wanted a rematch. Then I was close to some more achievements. Now I'm installing add-ons just to manage pet breeds. So yeah. I love pet battles. PvP pet battles are ridiculously fun. I don't care so much about collecting a million pets, but I really enjoy putting some oddball teams together and seeing how they do in PvP. I do have a few gripes about pet battles, but this is a positive post. The point is, no one is more surprised than I am about  how often I pet battle.

Fishing: Fishing in Warlords is pretty fun. More fun, and useful, than it's ever been before. Not a lot else to say about it, I mean, it's fishing guys.

I never thought I would enjoy any of these things. Just goes to show you shouldn't prejudge stuff!


  1. Hey :) Happy to see a positive post about WOW. I can say that I agree on all of the topics in this post and especially about the BM spec. I'm switching between MM and BM these days and I can honestly say that BM a pleasure to play atm.