Monday, March 10, 2014

Playing With Transmog

I have been having fun putting some new transmog sets together. This first one is based around the Chillwind Staff. It's a killer model and as you can see, it gently drops rose petals. It's hard sometimes to put an outfit together for a shadow priest, because we're pretty much always in shadowform. So I went with a bunch of purple and blue stuff.

This set is all about the Dragonstrike pieces. I like them both for how they look, and the fact that you have to be a leatherworker to wear them. Still looking for the perfect gun for this set..


  1. The perfectly perfect gun would be the sadly no longer available BRK, or it's look-alike from the into quest to MoP. I use it together with the Windrunner set myself.

    1. Might have to look for the look-alike. Although I want to replace the WIndrunner stuff. It was just the best I had at the time to go with the Golden Dragonstrike stuff.