Friday, February 14, 2014

The Very Basics of Hunters

We will be getting the ability to instantly level a character to 90 sometime "soon." I thought I might throw together a super basic guide for any brand-new level 90 hunters. If you've been playing a hunter for a while, you're not going to find anything in here you (hopefully) don't already know.

Before I dive into these basics, a cautionary tale for anyone who is going to create a hunter alt just for some fun. I grew-up skiing. I LOVED to ski as a kid and I knew I would ski for the rest of my life. In college I got a snowboard just to try it out. I said more than once I would always continue to ski. I went snowboarding for the first time and absolutely loved it. There was just something about boarding that had been missing from skiing, even though I didn't know it was missing until I got a snowboard. My skis stayed in the garage for the rest of that season, but I knew I'd use them again. The following season they didn't make it out of the garage once. After five more seasons where I never even considered skiing, I sold them. It turns out I would be a snowboarder for the rest of my life. Hunters are snowboards, and other classes are skis. I enjoy the other classes. They are fun, but my hunter will always be my main and the toon I want to raid with. So be careful getting a hunter alt. There is a very good chance it will become you main. With that said, hunter basics in 60 seconds or so:

  • Your pet isn't decoration. It provides a BIG portion of your damage regardless of your spec. Learn how to control it.
  • Always, always, always have Aspect of the Hawk up. Always.
  • Currently, all three specs are good. Try them all out and find one you like.
  • Agility is king. The correct amount is more. Virtually any way you can increase your agility is something you should do. Beware of mail armor without agility on it-that's not for you.
  • There is no best pet for dps. Different pets bring different buffs, however, which can help in a group setting.
  • If you're going to do group content in any spec, have the Glyph of Animal Bond.
  • Your weapon is really important. Use bonus rolls on bosses that drop weapons. Put a scope on any blue or better ranged weapon.
  • If you know nothing about your shot priority, this add-on can help you learn it. Use the shot on the far left of the bar, and your regen shot to get focus back. Your regen shot is either Cobra or Steady Shot.
  • Traps are fun. Spend a little time learning how to use them.
  • Feign Death and Deterrence can and will save your bacon.
  • Our class has an anthem. You can hear it here.
Now get out there and shoot stuff!

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