Tuesday, December 3, 2013

What I'm up to

The WoW Insider community blog topic is asking what everyone is doing in-game these days. The premise of the question is essentially "Now that MoP is over.." Well, for me a lot of MoP isn't over at all.

I don't rush through content the way a lot of people do. I have only seen the first 8 bosses in Siege. This is the raid we have for quite some time, so I have been kind of saving the last bosses. I hope to do flex 3 this week and possibly 4 as well. I'd also love to clear the place on normal and maybe get a few heroic kills when I'm geared enough. MoP isn't over for me at all. At least not the raiding.

Daily quest ARE done. I don't do them anymore. Getting my charms via pet battles. I'm pretty bad at PvP pet battles, but they sure are compelling. Along with the farm they are my biggest surprise in MoP. I am quite surprised by how much I enjoy doing them. I'm still doing my daily scenario, mostly to get my last MoP rep grind done without doing dailys. I'm not really playing the AH as aggressively as I used to. I have enough gold and the fun isn't really there anymore. Still doing my daily CDs, because you're just crazy to ignore that instant gold.

While I haven't really started yet, I think a big part of how I'll be playing in the next months is learning how to heal on my priest again. I have not healed since the end of Wrath, and if you had asked me before Blizzcon I would have said I probably never will again. I love DPS. I love Shadow. But those crafty bastards at Blizzard are taking away my best excuse to get out of healing. "But, all I have is DPS gear." I don't know how many times I have used that story, but with the upcoming changes to gear (what they now call "armor" to be specific) I can't really say that. My Shadow set won't be optimal for healing, but it's going to be good enough. So before I'm needed, I should learn how healing is even done these days. Do people still use Healbot? Seriously, help me out in the comments. The last time I healed anything my hunter still had mana.

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