Tuesday, July 5, 2011

One Week Into 4.2

Wow, I need to get better about posting.  The good news is I've been too busy to post because I've been raiding for the first time in well over a year.  After three nights in The Firelands I thought I'd give my impressions and share what I'm trying to do in there.
First-off, we haven't downed a boss yet.  I have gotten pretty lucky with trash drops.  I have the two hander and the bracers, and a LW pattern I won't be able to craft for weeks, if ever.  If you can't be the only hunter in the raid, make sure the other one already has everything:)
We're close on Shannox and we tried the big spider lady a few times last night as well.  Shannox really feels like getting a taste of one's own medicine for a hunter.  He tries to trap us and his dog eats our faces.  He's a good hunter.  I'm still trying to get DBM to announce when I'm suddenly on a trap, and that will help a lot.  So far my job has been to DPS Rageface, and I've been trying to hit Riplimb with a Concussive Shot when he's retrieving the spear.  Sometimes he's immune to Concussive due to a buff he has up.  My question:  Can I drop that buff with Tranq Shot?  And if so, is there enough time to hit him with both so he gets slowed?  The fight makes sense, and I like our strat, but as a group we are struggling to stay out of the traps.  Once we can do that, he's gonna fall over.
I don't have much to say about the spider queen yet, but there is a lot going-on in that one.  My job last night was to use distracting shot on the spinners, and then help with the baby spiders.  The babies are a great place to use our trap and AoE skills.
Like most new raids, we're all taking a lot of damage.  I'm trying really hard to find places to use hunter tricks.  While I haven't been able to prove it yet, I think there are some opportunities in these fights to use the Glyph of Raptor Strike.  When Rageface  come to me to do his thing, I'm hitting him with a Raptor Strike.  Any reduction to that damage is a great thing, especially when we don't even have to move-in to hit the target.  Help your healers!  And while I've only seen the spider's phase 2 once, we're going to be stacking-up behind her and there is a TON of damage there.  I'm theorizing that that phase will be another great place to hit a Raptor just for the 20% damage mitigation.
What do you think?  Any hunter tips for me?  Have you had luck with the Glyph of Raptor Strike?  Any great times to use Deterrance to avoid raid damage?  Can we Tranq that buff off of Riplimb?

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