Friday, October 29, 2010

Feeding Your Stable

After all the quality of life improvements hunters have gotten lately, one thing that still bugs me is pet food. Even with the Mend Pet glyph, I like to carry food for my pets.  It's a quicker way to make them happy after a wipe, and I like the newish Feed Pet animation.
Pet food was a pain in the ass before patch 4.0, and it's worse now.  With four pets with us at all times, we can wind-up with a lot of different kinds of food for them.  It really mitigates some of the bag slots we gained when we got rid of our arrows!  I decided to spend a little time at Petopia and see how I could streamline this food situation while still having everything I need for my suite of buff pets.  I'm talking about the essential SV pets (no exotics):  cat, wolf, raptor, bear, hyena, sporebat, tallstrider, ravager, and wind serpent.  Of these nine families, six of them will eat meat so that's your #1 pet food.  You can feed the remaining three with bread or cheese, so pick one of those.  If you have another pet, like your favorite tanking pet, see if it will eat either of those.  For example, Murdoc, the gorilla I have had since 2005, eats bread, so that will be my second stack of pet food.  Food for 10 different pets fit into only 2 slots!  Not too shabby.

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